Q: Do you offer tours?
A: Unfortunately, our facility is not set up for tours nor do we have an observation deck.

Q: Why is the name of the company Annabelle, is there a real Annabelle?
A: Annabelle Block is the daughter of Sam Altshuler the original creator of the Rocky Road Bar and founder of the Annabelle Candy Company.

Q: What happened to the Baffle Bar?
A: The Baffle Bar was manufactured by Cardinet, which Annabelle acquired in 1978. Annabelle only continued to manufacture the U-No and Abba-Zaba bars.

Q: Why do I sometimes get more cashews on my Rocky Road bar and sometimes a smaller amount?
A: We carry the tradition of our founder Sam Altshuler and continue to produce our candy the old fashioned way. Our bits and pieces of cashews are placed by hand on our bars and most of our candies are still almost completely handmade with the help of some machinery.

Q: Which of your bars are Kosher?
A: Big Hunk, Abba-Zaba, Look! and U-no.

Q: Are any of your bars gluten-free?
A: Yes, our Big Hunk bar is gluten-free and low fat.

Q: How many Weight Watchers Points is a Big Hunk bar?
A: 5